I would describe myself as a documentary photographer. A storyteller capturing those unique moments of your family and friends that you may have even missed. Ultimately it's those moments you will remember and look back at in years to come. For these reasons I love what I do and look forward to the uniqueness each wedding has to offer. 

It’s a real pleasure to be invited to photograph and bear witness to any wedding day. I recently got married myself so I am more than aware of the importance of memories of the special day and how they are captured and recorded forever. 

I also realise how stressful wedding days can be due to planning my own . The last thing you want is your photographer being an added source of stress. After having bad customer service from some of my own vendors, I am committed to providing quite the opposite for my couples.

The image below is myself nervously waiting for our wedding 4 years ago.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your style of wedding photography?

I like to use the phrase ‘creative documentary’. My aim is to capture your special day as naturally as possible without getting in the way of your guests.



How do we secure your services for the day?

I take bookings with a £200 deposit and provide a written contract, the terms of which we all understand and agree to.



Is a second photographer advisable?

I am pretty confident in covering a wedding up to 130 people myself. Although getting that second angle and vision of the day can be really great. Also perfect for covering the second prep location.



Do you have insurance?

Yes I am fully insured for both public liability and indemnity.



How long after the wedding do you aim to deliver the pictures?

Usually three to five weeks after the day of the wedding.



Roughly how many photos do I receive?

I deliver around 550 images for a full wedding day. Firmly believing in the principle of quality over quantity.



Do you edit the pictures I receive?

Yes I do both tonal and colour editing to make the pictures 'pop'. I am careful not to carry out extensive face / bodywork in order to retain the natural feel.



How do I receive the pictures?

The high-resolution files will be supplied on a wooden USB stick. You will also be provided with an on-line password protected gallery to enable you to share the images with friends and family. 



Am I allowed to use the images as I like?

You have full usage permission to do as you wish. These are your wedding pictures so feel free to print and share as you wish. Go crazy!



Do you supply wedding albums?

I believe in offering the best albums that are handmade in the Uk. Please enquire for details and pricing. We really don't print images as much as we should. Imagine a leather bound album printed on archival paper that you can hand down the the next generation.



How long is your full day coverage?

I work from bridal preparation until just after the first dance. This is usually about nine to ten hours depending on your needs. I love a good party!



What if we want more coverage over the allocated time?

There will be a charge of £100 for every additional hour. I will always make you aware before we get to that stage.



What if your camera brakes on the day?

I carry at least one reserve for every piece of equipment to cater for any such eventuality. Its never happened yet but you new know.



How safe are my pictures from file loss and damage?

As soon as returning home memory cards are backed up locally and externally at two different locations. The external location back up protects from and theft, loss, damage and acts of God.



If there is anything I have missed then please ask away at  david@lindsleyweddings.com