I would describe my style as creative documentary. A storyteller capturing those unique moments of your family and friends that you may have even missed. Ultimately it's those moments you will remember and look back at in years to come. For these reasons I love what I do and look forward to the uniqueness each wedding has to offer. 

It’s a real pleasure to be invited to photograph and bear witness to any wedding day. I recently got married myself so I am more than aware of the importance of memories of the special day and how they are captured and recorded for eternity. 

I also realize how stressful wedding days can be, and the last thing you want is your photographer being an added source of stress. After having bad customer service from some of my own vendors, I am committed to providing quite the opposite for my couples. I achieve this through my professional approach and experience. My wife, Tatiana, often comes along with me to lend a hand or to photograph from a second angle.

Now when it came to my own wedding day the main things I really wanted were cupcakes and stripy socks. I realize every couple's needs and expectations are different, so adapting well is something I take pride in. There really is no wrong and right way of doing it, big or small!! Below I have included a few images from my recent wedding day, April 2015.


Our wedding collage.jpg